Bushnell Onix 400 GPS With XM Nexrad Weather

GPS is always a very useful thing to have not only when you are going to an unknown place but it is also very useful to get a better understanding of a known place. The latest Bushnell Onix 400 GPS With XM Nexrad Weather is not only a GPS with large 3.5 inch screen with topographic mapping but also has XM Radio to keep you motivated and entertained. It also displays NaxRad Weather Information and satellite imagery of the terrain for you to plan your trip accordingly.
The Bushnell Onix 400 GPS With XM Nexrad Weather : Review is a really helpful device when you are going for some adventure in a forest side or a mountain for some trekking or hiking. And as woot.com states, what language you can speak, what color you skin is or what degrees you have earned does not matter if you’ve been wandering in thickly forested hills for days without food or shelter.
The Bushnell ONIX 400 GPS does not care about your creed or credential but takes care so that you can find your way by comparing what you see around and what you see on the screen because it provides you with geo-referenced satellite images. Along with the topographical maps and compass, there is also the weather data or satellite radio for your amusement.
You can find a device of its capability easily for around $500 but when it is available only for $99 on woot, there is no way I can call it way too much pricey. So, hurry up and don’t leave any place to regret later.