Sims 3 Delay Leaves Fans Angry

Gamers and fanboys are usually known for their rants and verbally slashing if they dislike a certain product, service, brand or organization. However, here is a bunch of folks who believe that agitating legally against company's strategy is the correct way to fight back.

Electronic Arts scheduled the highly anticipated The Sims series installment -- The Sims 3 -- for release on Feb. 20 and later pushed the release date to June 2.

Obviously, The Sims fans and gamers got enraged, and some rant posts hit in several forums. But, to everyone's surprise, fans have put up an online petition against EA for The Sims 3 release delay which mentions:

To:  EA Games

The sims3 has been delayed from the 20th February to the 2nd June for advertising purposes!
Sign this petition if you want the sims3 to be released as planned on the 20th Feb as there is no need for the delay!

The Undersigned

Electronic Arts must've been busy defining a perfect strategy to promote the popular family simulation game The Sims 3. However, at times, the whole delay strategy for better promotion back fires a company and this is the classic example of it.