Obama Phone Lands in Kenya

We knew it all along that the US Presidential elect Barack Obama is popular not in the US alone. In distant Kenya, handset vendor Mi has introduced a Barack Obama branded phone.

Obama, who has paternal ties with the African country, is a popular figure in Kenya and looks like the company senses a good opportunity to cash in on the "Obama" factor to boost sales of the newly launched phone. The Obama phone retails in Kenya at an affordable $30 and so far has been able to sell over 1000 units in the capital Nairobi alone.

The phone sports basic features along with the "Yes We Can" logo at the rear. The O of Obama intelligently encircles the VGA camera lens. The looks seem to be heavily borrowed from the XpressMusic series from Nokia.

As of now, the phone seems to be restricted only to the Kenyan market - although we wonder how it would fare if it went on sale globally and what would they come up with after this!