LG Intros GB110 and GB106 Handsets

LG has introduced two new low-end handsets to woo the mid- to low-end consumer base.

The new entrants to LG's lineup are the GB110 and the GB106, both candybar phones with quite a few features that might seem bit of an oddity in a low-end phone.

GB106, the cheaper of the two, sports an FM Radio, color screen and a five-way D-pad. The FM Radio receiver is built-in and you do not need the headset to be connected to listen to radio broadcasts. It sports a 1.5 inch 65k color screen, has 1.5MB of memory and is capable of 400 hours of standby time and four hours of talk time on a single charge.

As for the slightly higher end GB110, it sports the same features as GB106 except for the addition of a microSD card slot that supports up to 2GB of memory. The GB110 also adds a VGA camera to the features list.

No details on the pricing or availability have been disclosed as of now. However, it is expected to be out in emerging markets in this very quarter.