DataWind Launches PocketSurfer2 Handheld Device

Datawind, a provider of wireless web access products and services, has unveiled a device called PocketSurfer2 for the Indian market. The company claims it to be the world's fastest handheld Internet device.

The company is touting PocketSurfer2 as a 'first of its kind' device that can deliver the full power and original graphic intensity of the desktop web, rapidly and wirelessly.

You've heard that PocketSurfer2 does this, and it does that as well -- but what exactly is PocketSurfer2?

It's an ultra-thin, sleek mobile device measuring 152 x 75 x 15 mm (6 x 3.98 x 0.6-inch) and weighing 174 grams.

The device allows users to browse the web in its original layout with full HTML, graphics, Java-Script, Ajax, Frames, and other complex web functionality on a 640 pixel full-color wide screen.

Here are some key features of the PocketSurfer2:

- Quad Band GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
- Built-in GPS receiver (Location Based Service)
- Touchpad Navigation
- Internal High Performance Antenna
- Rechargeable Lithium polymer battery.
- Provides 4 hours active usage; 4 days standby
- Transreflective 640 x 240 backlit display
- Mini-USB charging port
- Mouse pointer

It sports a metallic backlit QWERTY keyboard with strong tactile response and keys that are six times larger than those available on other handhelds, claims the company.

According to the company, PocketSurfer2 is an answer to the challenges users face in using other mobile devices, such as slow bandwidth, smaller screens, insufficient memory and processing power and high monthly expenses.

So, how is it the fastest handheld device?

Datawind says that PocketSurfer2 offers page-load times of less than 7 seconds and is faster than most handheld devices running on 3G networks.

According to some reviews, Datawind's servers push web pages that a user requests to the PocketSurfer2 device. Web page content is then compressed by a factor of up to 30, thanks to some clever algorithms that prioritize straight text page elements and shrink down images. This enables it to provide 'pocket broadband access' and keep data costs down, says the company.

And yes, the company is offering free as well as paid mobile Internet access with it. PocketSurfer2 offers free usage of 35 hours per month for a whole year. Unlimited Usage plan is available at Rs. 99 per month. Second year of service will cost users Rs. 999 with 35 hours per month for year.

PocketSurfer2 has been priced of Rs.11,990 (inclusive of taxes) for the Indian market. It is being distributed in India by HCL Infosystems.