First Android smartphone unveiled by Huawei

At the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Chinese telecommunications company Huawei made announcement regarding its maiden Android-powered smartphone, which it would make commercially available in the Q3 2009.

HTC would be joined by Huawei in the Android operating system camp with a real production phone. Other than this, even Motorola and Kogan would join HTC, who have announced plans to ship devices running Google’s operating system.

First Android smartphone unveiled by Huawei Not many details could be gathered regarding the phone.

However, it has been revealed by the sources, “Huawei partnered with an established design consultancy to develop a robust and user-friendly interface, creating a powerful customer experience that is able to evolve with operators’ differentiation requirements.”

It has been learnt that the latest by Huawei looks quite similar to the iPhone. It was confirmed by the director of Huawei’s terminal marketing department, James Chen that the company is delighted showcase its much-awaited first Android-powered smartphone.

Chen concluded, “As a pioneer in mobile broadband devices, we look forward to expanding a compelling mobile communications experience for end-users whilst providing customized services to our operator partners via the Android smartphone.”