The India Meteorological Department (IMD) is now a step ahead in the forecasting of weather, thanks to an eAtlas on cyclones developed by its Chennai centre.

As the monsoon and climatic condition in Indian sub-continent is mainly dependent on cyclones and depressions over Indian seas, the eAtlas would be of particular help in weather forecasting.

TestThus, information about any time-specific or area specific cyclone over Indian seas is now a mouse click away. ‘The Cyclone eAtlas - IMD’ is a digitised record of tracks of cyclones and depressions over Indian seas.

The eAtlas has a fully menu driven software that will generate tracks of cyclones and depressions occurring over the Indian seas from 1891 till date.

The software would be useful to researchers, research institutes and the IMD itself, said director weather central, IMD Medha Khole.
“Earlier, to refer to records of cyclones and storms, we were using hard copies of a atlas in the form of heavy and lengthy registers,” she said, adding, “The digitised atlas would be user friendly. With its zooming facility, one can observe the area specific info of cyclone.”
The eAtlas can display climatologically significant information including frequency and tracks of cyclones and depressions per month occurring over Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea, operational weather information and probable movement of tracks. The software can generate statistics in the form of maps, charts and tables on various aspects of cyclones and depressions of Indian seas.