Six iPhone games still worth playing

iPhone games are interesting because of the App Store... most people will download them, play them for a few hours (or minutes), and never think twice about opening them again. Is this due to the App Store's "candy-esque" display of applications, or is it that some apps don't possess a high replay quality? Either way, here are 6 applications that I love to play, and keep me coming back.

Hero of Sparta
First on this list would have to be Hero of Sparta [iTunes]. It introduced something that I hadn't seen in an iPhone game yet: stunning graphics. Yes, the "pixel heaven" in this game could compare to the PSP (Playstation Portable) or rival the graphics found on the Nintendo DS. If you like RPG (Role Playing Games) games, then this is a must-have. True to the title of the game, you play a Spartan King who goes on an adventure and encounters many enemies.

While this game doesn't really use the accelerometer to control movements, it does have game play controls that are one of a kind. Hero of Sparta features an on-screen "analog" control stick that allows you to move throughout the different levels. You will use this analog stick in conjunction with action buttons; the use of on-screen buttons seems natural after a while, but may take some getting used to at first. This game features 8 3D levels with awesome graphics and 5 changeable weapons, including: sword, axe, bow, or twin blades.

Hero of Sparta works on both the iPhone and iPod touch; however, I recommend restarting your iPhone before playing as this will lessen the possibility for crashes. You can pick up this game from the iTunes App Store for $9.99US.

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BurnBall [iTunes link] is a nicely designed game that gives you the sense of playing inside of a comic book-like world. Even the instructions are a comic book ... a very nice touch! The basic idea behind the game is that you must block-off 75% of each level to advance to the next level. As you tilt the iPhone left/right and up/down, Roy (the character behind burn ball) will roll around. Use him to "burn" a path through the level -- this will block off where you travel. Once you have 75% blocked off you will be able to advance to the next level. However, there are robot obstacles that, if hit, will take a life.

This game is tons of fun, and addictive. It is certainly a game that keeps me coming back for more. And for $1.99US, this game will give you hours and hours of game play for your money. BurnBall can be downloaded on the App Store. There is also a lite version [iTunes] available for free.

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The Plateau
Do you enjoy puzzles? If you do then you'll no doubt like The Plateau [iTunes], a game that tests your ability to untangle on-screen knots. The game, centered in space, features connected orbs that are tangled. As you start untangling the orbs, they will turn colors from red to green. The goal is to untangle all of them and turn all of the orbs a green color -- this advances you to the next level.

There are 5 separate worlds to travel through, with almost limitless levels. The cool thing is that each level is generated with an algorithm; this means that every level you play is unique, so you'll never encounter the same one twice.

You can download The Plateau from the App Store for $0.99US. There is also a lite version [iTunes] of the game available for free.

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I love puzzle games on the iPhone. It's partially because puzzle games just seem natural on the iPhone, and there are also some really great games for the device. One of those games is Trism [iTunes]. We were raving about this game even before it came out, and I have loved it since day one.

Trism is similar to Bejeweled, but combines triangular shaped objects, tilt sensors, and finger swiping. The object of the game is to get as many points as possible by sliding rows of blocks to create groups of 3 or more of the same colors. When the blocks disappear, tilting the device a certain direction will push surrounding blocks into the empty portion.

The game includes 5 gaming modes (including Classic, Timed, and Puzzle), and over 22 achievements to collect. Achievements are awards for completing certain tasks in a timely manner. There are also obstacles like bombs and unmovable blocks throughout the game. One of my favorite features is the online scoring. When you create a free account, you are able to compete with other iPhone users around the world to get a high score in the different categories.

Trism is a great game, and for the price of $2.99US, you'll definitely get more than a few hours of play out of it.

Ferrari GT: Evolution
Racing games on the App Store have become a "dime a dozen," so to speak. However, I believe Gameloft has created a racing game for the iPhone that is very special. Ferrari GT: Evolution [iTunes] includes the gorgeous pixel-inducing coma that most other Gameloft games also include. This is some of the best graphics that I've seen in any iPhone racing game, and that keeps me coming back.

If there's one feature to tell you about, it's the ability to switch screen orientations. No longer are you forced to play in landscape mode for iPhone racing games! You can easily switch to either left/right landscape, or upright.

In addition, you can race your friends using a multiplayer feature that allows you to create or join a game over a local WiFi connection. In the multiplayer section of the game, the developers note that online multiplayer functionality will be coming shortly via a software update in iTunes.

Ferrari GT: Evolution features over 33 Ferrari car models to race; this includes the new Ferrari California, and Enzo. There is also three control modes: accelerometer, wheel, and screen taps.

You can get Ferrari GT: Evolution for just $5.99US from the App Store, and race your iPhone buddies today.

Tap Tap Revenge
If you like music/rhythm games, then you will no doubt like what Tap Tap Revenge [iTunes] brought to the iPhone and iPod touch. Starting out with humble jail-breaking roots, Tap Tap Revolution allowed you to tap your way through a song, earning points as you go. Its more "legal" descendant, Tap Tap Revenge allows you to do the same, but you are now able to download additional songs to your TTR music library.

TTR has quickly grown to be one of my favorite games for the iPhone/iPod touch; the controls feel natural, and the game is just plain fun. You can now download TTR in a few different flavors, including: Original Tap Tap Revenge, Tap Tap Dance, and Tap Tap Nine Inch Nails.

While the original TTR remains free, TTD and TTNIN are each $4.99US.