Obama may finally get a 'spy-proof' BlackBerry

The first black US president, Barack Obama, may be on his way to create yet another history -- becoming the first sitting president to use e-mail.

He has been given the green light for retaining his favourite BlackBerry during this presidency, say reports.

The smartphone to be given to the 44th US president will be a spy-proof one.

Obama's close advisers and government agents had been delaying a decision on whether he should be allowed to use Blackberry while in office.

However, blogger Marc Ambinder in the Atlantic has now suggested that a government agency is providing Obama with a special, highly encrypted mobile that would satisfy security demands.

"Obama will be able to use it still for routine and personal messages," the Guardian quoted the blogger as writing.

He, however, added: "It's not clear whether he yet has the device".

Traditionally, US presidents have shied away from using hi-tech communications such as email and mobile phones for a variety of reasons, including possible interception from foreign powers.

Political responsibility resulting from the Presidential Records Act of 1978, which requires that documents retained by the White House must be released to the public, is also a reason why none of the former presidents used e-mail while in office.