The Hottest New Cars of 2009

The New Audi A4

First up is the Audi A4 - the Audi brand boats of progress through technology, but the biggets leap forward with teh new A4 is just the way it looks.
You can't get away from the sense of occasion once you get behind the wheel. With a 3.2 litre direct injection V6 four wheeldrive, it has little competition with the real world terms.
if its economy you're looking for there's an exellent 2.0 litre TDI tooIt really is a more worth contender to the Mercedes and BMW.

Chevrolet Captiva

At the price there is little to challenge the Captiva, especially as the petrol-only CR-V is significantly more expensive.
It is a spacious and wel built modern SUV with pleasant styling and the punchy diesel motor is easy to drive in the city. The car is fuel efficient too. There is a four wheel drive auto option as well, but that costs as much as a CR-V.
The Captiva is also a genuine seven seater, perfect for families who want a dose of panache but don't want a car with dreary MPV styling.

Fiat 500

The cute little Fiat 500 certainly is a stylish hatch. It has delightful interiors too and superb build quality throughout.
However it is expensive and not a practical buy as an everyday car. It can only seat two adults and tiny rear seats are best reserved for little children. However, as far as making a style statement on wheels is concerned, the Fiat 500 is up with the best, and not just on Indian roads either.

The new Honda Accord

The new Honda Accord shows just how competitive Honda is to taking the Accord brand forward. More than just an update, the new Accord goes a whole segment higher, where it battles with its German rivals for build quality and driving pleasure.
In spite of this, it loses none of the Accord's traditional strengths of space and value. The Accord is always rated highly and this one's surely a strong contender for the crown.

Hyundai i20

The i20 is Hyundai's small big car, intended to replace the Getz. But as is now the norm with Hyundai, in India it will continue to seel alonside its predecessor. It will be sold with the same 1.2 litre Kappa engine of the i10, with diesel power coming later in the year.
The car drives well, and is spacious and comfortable. Given Hyundai's keen eye on pricing, we can expect it to be good value too.