10 Reasons why Far Cry 2 is the worst game ever

Have you played it yet?

Far Cry 2 was set to be the epic game of the year, competing against the likes of Fallout 3, Dead Space and GTA 4.

The developers promised an open diverse 50km big world filled with beautiful scenery, open landscapes, African wildlife. Right!

1) Now how does one map that's 50km in size have jungles, a freaking desert and a mud terrain? And its not as if they are joined seamlessly, but rather you jump suddenly into a jungle from a sun baked desert.

2)Wheres the wildlife? There's only a couple of zebras every 10 hours, and if you even hit one at 1 kmph they instantly fall dead on the floor.

3) The game textures are not pleasing to the eye, far from it! The characters look pathetic and likewise for their voices. Every single AI will do the same stuff - you walk into somebody in town they will push you. The voices of the characters are horrendously bland, I gritted my teeth in anger everytime someone said ' meeeeew take out that convoy'.

4) Now the graphics - every outpost looks almost identical, the grass looks smashed and all the safehouses have the same interior. Copy paste job is what it looks like. The jungles, well lets not go there, the sun baked terrain has no atmosphere whatsoever. The lighting at night makes the game look awful, like the was game made 4 years ago.

5) Ok lets discuss fire - yes it spreads, yes it looks stunning, and the developer said it grows over time. Well when did grass grow back after half a game day? Is that realistic? NO!

6) The story is a bag of turd. The gameplay is irritating and frustratingly tedious - lets do a mission destroy that convoy unlock these guns ok? Allright nice new guns new mission destroy convoy new guns ok? Getting a bit repetitive? Yay new guns do this mission unlock more ok? Then destroy convoy ok? But this is getting lame, so lets do some story missions - assassinate him ok? Oh 'phone call' go meet with 'Bob' for alternative. Ah nice alternatives mission objective, ok assassinate retard. Done that let Bob die be done with mission. Next mission - assassinate blah bleh!!!

And then every mission you get phone call with alternative to meet some retard half way across the map which you have to drive to in a car which sounds like a lawn mower and goes about 1 mile an hour even though the speedo says it going 100km an hour. Why should there be the same alternative in every mission?

7) Dont even get me started on vehicles - one has to drive this a bad looking mobile for several miles that sounds like a hair dryer. At least give us some nice muscle roaring car sounds and decent damage to the car, instead of the hood flying 20ft in the air and smoke coming out the bonnet. Why the heck would a car blow up unless you shot the gas tank? How does using a wrench repair bullet shots to an engine?

8) 'Kill the jackal the bastard that armed both sides' - who thought up this pre school idea? It is NOT good enough to base an entire game on! A two year could come up with a better idea that that.

9) Why are both fractions in the same town if they are at war? And surely if you were doing a mission for both the factions, they would be pissed with you and would try and kill you. Even if you do missions for one faction they would still shoot at you.

10) You cant even go prone? Were they too lazy to do the animations of the guns when prone? And why does the guy's arm look like a freaking baguette when holding a gun? Also while swimming since when do you bend your wrist back that far? The worst animation of swimming i have ever seen in a game.

Bonus) FC2 has the worst A.I. ever - you hide in a bush, fire one round, boom, they instantly know where you are even from miles away.

But you can stand in front of someone for 2 minutes, and they will never know. After 5 whole minutes suddenly they see you and start shooting at you. Also hows does someone in a T shirt withstand an entire clip from the AK 47 at close range to the chest?

Just ten points seem too less for such a bad game, but you can add your own reasons in the comments.